Stills product photography + motion for OYL (Optimise Your Life) mushroom coffee drink 2024

Advertising commissions

The commission

Commission by Irish brand, OYL (Optimise Your Life), to showcase their performance-boosting mushroom-infused coffee.

Still marketing photography and GIFs for brand website, shopping channels, social media and social ads – displayed across the UK and Ireland.

OYL Focus Mushroom Coffee product photography, capturing the unique properties and usage of this premium product.

Full branding shoot featuring creative product shots, product preparation and V60 coffee drinks. 

What I brought to the project


Bright, clean, modern light created in my studio to communicate the positive, optimistic brand voice.

Bold, graphic colour palette with monochrome colours, highlighting the brand’s hex orange hue.

Dynamic stills capturing all kinds of movement and human action – falling grains, pouring water, swirling coffee – speaking directly to the brand’s energetic, motivated target audience.

High quality motion demonstrating the product use in action, educating customers on getting the best from the product.

Professional retouching for a slick, high quality result, creating a large set of brand images that can sit together in any visual format.

High resolution final assets – image quality that can be used from social content to billboard.


Suite of images capturing the coffee product from multiple different perspectives.

Hand model interaction to help bring the scene to life.


Full process of the brand-recommended V60 drip coffee method.

Featuring luxury, stylish copper coffee props to appeal to the brand’s coffee-savvy target market.


Creative product shots and hero packaging portraits of individual packs.

Ground coffee still life, carefully crafted from real coffee in the brand’s graphic logo.


Product preparation GIFs showing the full V60 drip coffee method and moving product portraits.


Art direction + production + photography + retouching: Nancy Anne

Styling and photography assistance from the creative and talented: Ruby Parker

The results

Nancy Anne produces vibrant, playful imagery for advertising clients, working out of photography studios in London and Leeds. 

Nancy Anne is represented by photographic agency Swerve Represents and is also an accredited AOP member. Get in touch to discuss your project or to book Nancy Anne for a job.

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