Intricate avocado sushi on pink plate with pink washi paper background
Green noodle bowl with soft boiled egg on purple striped background
Noodle bowls with aubergine, soft boiled eggs, pak choy and chilli oil on grey marble tile
Salmon Nicoise salad with soft boiled eggs on grey background
Homemade sriracha sauce close up
Turmeric roast potatoes with yoghurt, mint, chilli
Tomato salad in summer sun
Tomato salad close up
Juicy vegan burger with red onions close up
Vegan burger with salad on red plate
Panzanella salad close up
Cherry mozzarella salad with honey on pink background
Candy beetroot salad close up
Taco Bell-style taco on purple plinth background
Taco Bell-style taco on purple background
Confit shallots and red onion before cooking
Confit shallots and red onion after cooking
Griddled courgette zucchini with mascarpone and red chilli
Griddled pak choy with lemon
Griddled asparagus with lemon on blue background
Green spring minestrone with pesto close up
Sliced avocado on blue plate
Basil pesto close up
Mushroom cheese toastie on baking tray
Mushroom cheese toastie in baking tin