• The studio is housed in a 1861 cotton mill, renovated and renewed for modern use.
  • The studio is EPC rated 78 (C).
  • I heat and light my studio using a fully sustainable energy supplier.
  • Shoot refreshments are vegetarian or plant-based and are served without packaging.
  • I use biodegradable and natural cleaning products where possible.



  • I offer props rental to reduce the amount of new supplies that need to be purchased for a shoot.
  • I reuse or donate all leftover supplies from shoots.
  • I cherish aged, lived-in surfaces and textures and use them where possible in my work.


  • I give away food-safe leftovers and excess fresh produce.
  • I donate excess ambient goods to charities via local supermarkets.
  • I recycle all the glass, paper, recyclable plastic and batteries leftover from shoots.

If you can think of a way we can improve, I'd love to hear from you.