Pink Wimpy-style knickerbocker glory ice cream sundae with flake
Sprinkles falling action macro close up on blue background
Rainbow vermicelli sprinkles cake decorations macro close up
Raspberry rhubarb pavlova on turquoise background
Fresh cherry with cherry juice
Grapefruit pomegranate hibiscus pavlovas on turquoise background
Citrus rocket ice lollies on bed of ice
Pastel colour sprinkles cake decorations macro close up
Vanilla ice cream cone with strawberry sauce pouring and sprinkles purple background
Citrus salad with orange, grapefruit, lemon, honey and mint
Fresh cherries on pink plate close up
Citrus curds in glasses on pink marble background
Layered citrus curd pavlova cake on pink marble background close up
Citrus curd pavlova cake macro close up curd dripping
French apple tart close up
Fresh cut blood oranges with juice splatter
Silver balls cake decoration GIF
Cadbury's Mini Eggs still life close up
Rose gold pink sprinkles cake decorations macro close up
Wimpy-style chocolate brownie ice cream sundae with chocolate sauce pouring
Chocolate buttons with pink sprinkles cake decorations
Pink vanilla wafers broken biscuits on pink background
Pink and white mini marshmallows on pink background

Food, drink and still life photographer – sweet food portfolio

Nancy Anne is a professional food, drink and still life photographer based in the UK. She produces vibrant, playful imagery for advertising clients, working out of photography studios in London and Leeds. 

She shoots bold, stylised photography compositions, capturing sweet food, dessert, sweeties and confectionery images in a fun, colourful, pop style.

Nancy Anne is represented by photographic agency Swerve Represents and is also an accredited AOP member. Get in touch to discuss your project or to book Nancy Anne for a job.