Pink food photography

Creative projects

Pink is one of my favourite colours to shoot. I love its bold, bright, uplifting vibe – it’s a colour that’s hard to ignore.

From the dramatic pink of a trendy, all-natural dragon fruit milkshake to the glossy drizzle of a raspberry sauce.

I like to get playful with my pink food photography compositions, using creative pink set styling as well as vibrant natural colours.

Pink food photography - pink wafers
Pink food photography - pink oyster mushrooms
Pink food photography - pink and white mini marshmallows
Pink food photography - vanilla ice cream cone with strawberry sauce
Pink food photography - dragon fruit milkshake
Pink food photography - wild rose macro
Pink food photography - green noodle bowl on pink background
Pink food photography - fresh cherries on pink plate
Pink food photography - pink retro ice cream sundae

Nancy Anne produces vibrant, playful imagery for advertising clients, working out of photography studios in London and Leeds. 

Nancy Anne is represented by photographic agency Swerve Represents and is also an accredited AOP member. Get in touch to discuss your project or to book Nancy Anne for a job.

Keep up to date with her latest food and drink photography projects and commissions via the News section of this website, her monthly photography newsletter or over on Instagram