Stills photography for Oatier 'Barista Oat' product launch 2023

Advertising commissions

The commission

Commission by ALLGOOD branding agency and Oatier to shoot assets for their product launch, ‘Barista Oat’ 2023.

Still photography for the brand's website, social media and other marketing channels – displayed across the UK and Ireland.

Oatier Oat Barista product photography, capturing the tastier, creamier, dreamier, frothier, smoother, yummier, scrummier, silkier properties of their new plant-based milk.

Full branding shoot featuring creative product shots, barista coffee drinks and coffee cocktails. 

Creative team

Art direction + production + photography + retouching: Nancy Anne

Styling: Ruby Parker


What I brought to the project


The product and drinks were captured with dramatic hard lighting, creating a vibrant, eye-catching look to help this new product stand out in a crowded market.

Through careful propping, styling and retouching, the images featured the brand’s hex yellow throughout.


Fun, playful product shots on yellow and neutral grey for cut-outs. 

Bright, bold lighting with strong contrast and clearly defined shadows to match the product typography.


Oat milk barista coffee photography shots, showcasing the unique properties of the product.

Graphic, modern styling with minimal propping, placing the focus squarely on the drinks and their barista-friendly qualities.

The results

Nancy Anne produces vibrant, playful imagery for advertising clients, working out of photography studios in London and Leeds. 

Nancy Anne is represented by photographic agency Swerve Represents and is also an accredited AOP member. Get in touch to discuss your project or to book Nancy Anne for a job.

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